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Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service by Interior Cleaning Systems

One of the most overlooked issues in our homes and building is the quality of the air we breathe and which circulates throughout the building. When it is time for air duct cleaning, you want NADCA trained personnel handling your air duct cleaning issues. Interior Cleaning Systems now will provide you with a free duct cleaning estimate at your convenience. Furthermore, we only use high quality equipment and tools to clean your air duct and furnace units. Schedule an appointment with Interior Cleaning Systems in Birmingham, AL. As professionals Interior Cleaning Systems provides air duct cleaning services & dryer vent cleaning services in the metro area.

You need regular air duct cleaning services when:

  • You have an air systems that uses a standard fiberglass filter.

  • You have pets.

  • Anyone in your house have allergies.

  • You regularly clean dust from your furniture.

  • You experience headaches, nausea,burning sensations in the nose,eyes or ears when inside your home.

  • When you last changed your filter did you see dirt and dust inside the housing

  • Dirt, dust, mold and animal dander are re-circulated every time your units comes on. Combine this with moisture and you have the ideal breeding ground for fungi, germs and household mold studies have confirmed that some diseases, including salmonella, strep, and legionaries disease, which are spread by contaminated air systems.

Here’s what we offers with our duct cleaning service program:

  • Free home inspection of your ac/heat duct work

  • Up front pricing before we do your work (beware the bait and switch companies)

  • A 3 step cleaning process that we back with a 100 % service promise

  • We only used high quality equipment and tools in cleaning your air duct and furnace units.

Whether you’re looking to give your family a fresh start or someone in the home has fallen ill, knowing how to reduce toxins in your home is the first step to a healthier living space that everyone can benefit from.

One of the best ways to purify your air is an air duct cleaning. An air duct cleaning service involves cleaning the entirety of your HVAC system (air conditioner), from the air handler (the device that distributes the hot and cold air throughout the home) to the main trunk line and all of the supply and return ducts.


Our specialization is Air Duct Cleaning Service. It is the cleaning of air ducts by removing impurities such as dust, mold, and germs from your ductwork and indoor air. Duct cleaning also helps to prevent excessive home dust and dust allergies by removing allergens from your home’s walls.

Professional duct cleaning services employ specialized blowers and vacuums to clean up your home’s supply, intake, and return ducts. Your HVAC system circulates the air in your home, transporting dust, debris, and even mold. Particulate matter buildup in your air ducts might have a negative influence on your health.


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